Active Release Techniques

Active Release Techniques (ART) is an evidence based soft tissue treatment protocol used for treating soft tissue adhesions that tend to build up in people with alterations in their kinetic chain. This form of therapy is a certification therapy that has been at the cornerstone for treating muscular imbalances in patients with spinal and extremity complaints.

ART is not a massage, which is useful for decreasing muscle tension. This technique works out the scar tissue around the areas of complaint and helps the tissues heal normally with long-lasting results. It is a critical part of our treatment protocol and is also individualized to each patients condition. ART adds to the effectiveness of our chiropractic adjustments in that it addresses fascial, musculoskeletal, tendinous, and ligamentous work that could be hindering the patient from a quicker recovery.

For more information about Active Release Techniques please visit ART’s website.