Kinesio/Rock Taping


Taping has been shown to enhance performance, control and prevent injury, and improve postural strain. Kinesio taping works different than athletic taping which is meant to prevent movement like the taping used in athletics. Kinesio taping works through an unconscious nervous system stimulation of the underlying fascia and muscle. It allows the patient to perform normal ranges of motion while it lifts the skin away from the muscle promoting blood flow. 

Faster blood flow means more oxygen and more lymph drainage. This helps remove lactic acid. As stated by PhD Anatomist, Gil Hedly, “the skin is very much the brain of the superficial fascia, and they are thoroughly mechanically related”. This follows the theory of fascial unloading. When the kinesiology tape is applied to a certain area, it reduces fascial stress, decreases congestion, and decreases pain and restrictions. Thomas Meyers (author of Anatomy Trains) wrote “all the early indications are that taping can be very effective in ‘unhooking’ dysfunctional connections and establishing more effective locomotor pathways.”

Dr. Stephens is a level I and II Rocktape Provider and will be implementing taping with patients that apply. This, in combination with other modalities, gives us a wide range of treatments that can be individualized and effectively help the community we serve.

Why Rocktape Is Different
Kinsesio taping using Rocktape has been shown to enhance athletic performance, control and prevent injury, and improve postural strain.

Accomplishes this via:

1. stimulating blood flow, lymph and inflammation drainage

2. stimulate sensory receptors on skin to reinforce neuro-myo-fascial feedback (afferent information)

3. create an exo-skeletal layer that enhances muscle snap back (dynamic support system)